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By Hilary Spence

The enjoyable of naming your child. earlier than you dedicate your baby to a reputation for all times, flick thru this publication. banquet your mind's eye on an enormous diversity of decisions from the fashionable to the conventional, and from the preferred to the delicate. You by no means observed such a lot of how you can christen your child with kind and suitability. significant names, musical names, mystical names - they're all during this e-book.

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One whose understanding is complete Dione (Greek) 'The daughter of heaven and earth' (Dionia, Dionne) Dior (French) 'Golden' Disa (Greek) 'Double' (Norse) 'Lively spirit' Divya (Hindi) 'Divine, heavenly' (Divia) Dixie (French) 'The tenth' (Dixey, Dixil, Dixy) see also Benedicta Dixil see Dixie Docie see Endocia Docila (Latin) 'Gentle teacher' Dodi see Doris Dodie (Hebrew) 'Beloved' Dolly see Dolores or Dorothy Dolores (Spanish) 'Lady of sorrow' (Delora, Delores, Deloris, Delorita, Dolly, Doloritas, Lola, Lolita) Domina (Latin) 'The lady'.

The Greek muse of history Clodagh (Irish) A river in Ireland Cloe see Chloe Clorinda (Latin) 'Famed for her beauty' (Chlorinda, Chlorinde, Clarinda, Clarinde, Clorinde) see also Claramae Clotilda (Teutonic) 'Famous battle maiden'. A warrior who fought alongside her father and brothers (Clothilda, Clothilde, Clotilde) Clover (English) 'Meadow blossom'. From the flower (Clovie) Clydia (Greek) 'Glorious' Clydina Clymene (Greek) 'Fame and renown' Clytie (Greek) 'Splendid daughter'. The mythical nymph who was turned into a heliotrope, so that she could worship the sun Cocheta (Native American) 'Unknown one' Cody (Old English) 'A cushion' Colette (Latin) 'Victorious'.

A girl with rich, golden hair (Avene) Avene see Avena Avenida (Chilean) 'An avenue' Avera (Hebrew) 'Transgressor' (Aberah) Averil (Old English) 'Slayer of the boar' (Averyl, Avril, Avyril) Avery (Old French) 'To confirm' (Averi) Averyl see Averil Avice (French) 'War-like' (Avisa, Hadwisa) see also Avis Avicia (German) 'Refuge in war' Avis (Latin) 'A bird' (Ava, Avi, Avisa, Avissa) see also Avice Avishag (Hebrew) 'Father's delight' Avital (Hebrew) 'God protects' Aviva (Hebrew) 'Springtime' (Avivah, Avrit) Avonwy (Welsh) 'Someone who lives by the river' Avril see Averil Avrit see Aviva Awel (Welsh) 'Gentle breeze' Awena (Welsh) 'Poetry', 'prophecy' Aya (Hebrew) 'Swift flyer' Ayala (Hebrew) 'Deer' Ayanna (Hindi) 'Innocent one' Ayesha (Persian) 'Happy one' Ayla (Hebrew) 'Oak tree' Aylwen (Welsh) 'Fair brow' Azalea (Latin) 'Dry earth'.

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