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For instance, Platzack (1986) and Vikner (1990)), pro is not licensed in Specl (cf. Platzack (1987)). Hence, co-indexing of I and C is prohibited, and complementizer-trace effects occur. Similarly, as observed by Comrie (1973) and Pesetsky (1981/82; 1982), Russian exhibits complementizer-trace effects with subject movement. In (34ab), it is shown that ω/ι-objects can undergo successive-cyclic movement across a complementizer ctoby in Russian, whereas ω/^subjects cannot. 17 Wh-movement at S-structure 37 (34) a.

In order to solve problems like this, Lasnik L· Saito (1984; 1992) have developed (several varieties of) an articulated theory of proper government. I will assume the following version of the mechanism developed by Lasnik & Saito. First, the ECP is conceived of as an LF filter which rules out certain LF representations containing traces, as in (7). (7) ECP: * ... t [ _ 7 ] ... According to (7), traces which are marked [-7] violate the ECP at LF. A trace is marked [+7] if it is properly governed (θ-governed or antecedentgoverned) , and marked [—7] otherwise.

If 7 is the first projection such that all segments of 7 dominate a , then all segments of 7 dominate β. According to (21), an X°-category X adjoined to another X°-category Y can p-command (hence, antecedent-govern) its trace only if the trace is included in the complement of Y. This is the case in an example like (42-c), if we make the assumption that direct objects are base-generated under V', as sisters of V. The relevant S-structure and LF configurations then look as in (45-a) and (45-b), respectively.

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