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Lang:- eng Vol-pt 1, Pages 136 it's the copy of the unique version released lengthy again (). Hardcover with stitching binding with sleek laminated multi-Colour airborne dirt and dust conceal, published on top of the range Paper, professionally processed with out altering its contents.We came upon this e-book vital for the readers who need to know approximately our outdated treasure so we introduced it again to the cabinets. Print on call for.

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Jilu. *tepens, Lat. tepens. ) fr. ' fr. ' fr. sleep and bh Welsh hun, Lat. somnus. *kaptd, Welsh caeth, Lat. capta. *sop7ios, bondmaid ' fr. become 1 b (see §§7, 86, 88, 89) in 0. Ir. E. pt. E. accent becomes p (bb). fr. *kobo-, 0. Norse happ. g. E. 6 § 92. bn becomes mn, bt is ' ' domun drucht ' ' world ' *dubnos, Lith. dugnas. fr. ' dew fr. *drub-tus, ' gop beak ' cf. ' Engl. ' 0. ' ' fr. *gob-nus cf. ; Cf. further §§ 5, 7, 84-89. th appear in 0. Ir. as t (see §§ 7, 72, 79, 80, 85). tb On tn immediately followed tl, tn, tr, see § 109.

Also § 65, 2, note 1. Cf Mid. Welsh Ir. ysgogi, as 6 (which became ua in the course of the 0. Ir. period except and in some other instances). mentioned in § 54. when the o was originally followed by consonants which cause in final position a. in the case b. compensatory lengthening of a preceding vowel (§§ 107-109). g. buain reaping, striking fr. *bhog-nis cf. apaig § 94. ' ' ; sron 'nose,' see 3. § 109. as u. following syllable contained Pr. Ir. i, j, u (also u in hiatus, provided these were preceded by single consonants (except voiceless t(t), s(s), th) or the groups mb, nd, a.

Fr. fo-acaib 'leaves' fr. *-ad-gliabh-i-t. p (bb), ds becomes ss. d-t in the interior of a word db becomes becomes ss, in composition see giall d-tl, ' fr. g. On t(t). ' ' ' *ad-bhogis cf. ; should judge' I bongid fr. § 98, p. 3 F. ' mess 'judgment' fr. *med-tus but at(t)ach 'prayer,' } *ad-tekom. fr. dm in composition becomes mm. attempt fr. *ad-med-tus. E. g. dn t ' ' (dd). g. trot fr. quarrel *trud-nb- ; cf. d(h)v becomes d. dorus door fr. g. Lat. trudo. E. g, gh, g, gh, | 95. g% ; Lat. cf. forum.

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