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Schooling and examine within the box of telecommunications and networking can end up difficult with out the correct assets and instruments at the such a lot correct concerns, traits, and developments. chosen Readings on Telecommunications and Networking supplementations direction guideline and scholar examine with caliber chapters all for key concerns in regards to the making plans, layout, upkeep, and administration of telecommunications and networking applied sciences.

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The recent info prone supplied world wide in the course of the net are fostering the improve of present entry and transmission crops, and the de­ ployment of recent ones. The bandwidth bottlenecks of latest digital crops are being steadily got rid of by way of the large use of optics in any respect degrees. the newest technological advancements in optical approach elements have ultimately made the large bandwidth of optical fibers on hand either for increas­ ing the quantity of transmitted details and for decreasing the transmission fee in keeping with details bit.

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D. E. F. com - 58 - 9E0 - 423 QUESTION NO: 195 Are the 1750, 2600 and 3600 series optimized for LAN/WAN, WAN edge devices, and multiservice voice/data integration? True or False. A. True B. False Answer: A QUESTION NO: 196 How many slots does a 3640 router have? A. 4 B. 2 C. 6 Answer: A QUESTION NO: 197 You are installing a voice module in a AS5300 at least one feature card must be what? A. B. C. D. E. F. A quad T1/PRI E&M FXS FXO VDM VNM Answer: A QUESTION NO: 198 In Europe, what is the most widely deployed digital technology?

False Answer: A QUESTION NO: 115 Select the two methods of dealing with echo. (Select two) A. B. C. D. E. Don't deal with it Echo suppression Echo cancellation Echo compression Line compression Answer: B, C QUESTION NO: 116 Is there such a thing as a "test" command? True or False. A. True B. False Answer: A QUESTION NO: 117 The voice ports on the VICs are numbered, which is numbered port 0? A. The right port B. com - 36 - 9E0 - 423 QUESTION NO: 118 What does PCM stand for? A. B. C. D. Power Cord Modulator Pulse Code Modulation Power Code Modulation Pulse Code Modulator Answer: B QUESTION NO: 119 Select two type of address signaling.

B. C. D. E. F. Propagation Serialization Processing Queuing De-jitter WAN service provider delay Answer: B QUESTION NO: 110 Does a FXS interface allow connections for a fax machine? A. True B. com - 34 - 9E0 - 423 Answer: A QUESTION NO: 111 What is the size of an ATM cell payload? A. 53 bytes B. 48 bytes C. 64 bytes Answer: B QUESTION NO: 112 Will the MC3810 Cisco product provide an end-to-end integrated multiservice solution in a single fixed configuration chassis? True or False A. True B. False Answer: A QUESTION NO: 113 Which voice port standard allows connectivity to a standard PBX interface or the PSTN?

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