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By J. H. McMasters, I. M. Kroo

Airplane layout 1 (1998) 217}242

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Many of the strike missions undertaken at this time required unusually precise timing and target identification. For example, in February ‘intel’ learned of a meeting of NVA commanders and officers in a schoolhouse near the Laotian border. Exactly 20 minutes after this conference began the building was hit by four Marines F-4Bs and two A-6As with maximum loads of Mk 82 bombs. Heavy artillery followed up with 350 rounds. Bad weather made TPQ essential for most Khe Sanh strikes, although when possible Marine TA-4F Skyhawk and O-1C Bird Dog FAC(A)s were also used.

He quickly ejected. ‘Lt Col Hagaman stayed with the bucking F-4 momentarily in a vain effort to stabilise the aircraft by using the rudder. The delay almost cost him his life because the F-4B began to tumble end-over-end barely 100 ft above the ground. Suddenly, the world outside became a spinning blur of blue and green. The second time that he saw green – indicating that the aircraft was inverted – Hagaman started to pull his alternate ejection handle, which was located between his knees. In the second that it took the escape mechanism to function the Phantom II flipped upright and the ejection cartridges blasted the pilot from the flaming cockpit.

All I had to say was, ‘Eject, Jim, Eject’. Jim responded instantly, and after hearing the second explosion, canopy and seat, I followed suit. Our altitude at the time was 100 ft or less. When my seat fired the aircraft was nearly 90 degrees to the horizon. As advertised, seat separation and ’chute opening occurred automatically, and I got a 90-degree swing in the ’chute before landing in a three-wire concertina fence. I looked up in time to see Jim come down in his ’chute about 30 yards away. The aircraft [BuNo 152330] disintegrated about 50 yards beyond that, but none of the bombs detonated’.

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