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Photograph of circulator-coupled C-band tunnel-diode amplifier. 28 Fred Sterzer available. Amplifiers have been built in waveguide, coaxial line, and strip transmission line, and operation has been achieved at frequencies as high as 85 Gc. Figure 19 is a photograph of a typical commercial tunnel-diode amplifier [26]. This amplifier operates at C band, and uses a 1 ma Ge diode with a cutoff frequency of about 20 Gc and a noise factor of about 65 mv. The diode is housed in a low inductance ceramic package (L~ 100 nh), of the type shown in Fig.

Burrus, C. , and Trambarulo, R. A millimeter-wave Esaki diode amplifier. Proc. IRE 49, 1075 (1961). 47. Presser, A. Private communication, RCA Electronic Components and Devices (1965). 47a. Lee, C. , X-band tunnel diodes for phased array radar. 3rd Quart. Rep. Contr. NObsr. 89328 Phase II, Gen. Elec. (1966). 47b. Okean, H. C. Integrated microwave tunnel diode device. Intern. , Palo Alto, California, 196 pp. 135-140(1966). 48. Pucel, R. A. Theory of the Esaki diode frequency converter. Solid-State Electron.

18. (2) Use Eq. (22) to find gain corresponding to (rj)e. (3) Find P o u t and Pin=P0JG from Eq. (28). The maximum power output that can be generated by the junction of the amplifier diode is proportional to the maximum value of the diode peak current and the maximum value of the peak voltage across the diode junction. The maximum peak current is limited by stability considerations [see Eq. (25)] and can be written in terms of the voltage-gain-bandwidth product as follows: (/p)n TTGVBL (29) where a = / p (r j ) min .

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