Archaic Syntax in Indo-European: The Spread of Transitivity by Brigitte Bauer PDF

By Brigitte Bauer

TRENDS IN LINGUISTICS is a sequence of books that open new views in our figuring out of language. The sequence publishes state of the art paintings on center parts of linguistics throughout theoretical frameworks in addition to reviews that offer new insights by means of development bridges to neighbouring fields resembling neuroscience and cognitive science.

TRENDS IN LINGUISTICS considers itself a discussion board for state of the art learn in accordance with reliable empirical information on language in its quite a few manifestations, together with signal languages. It regards linguistic edition in its synchronic and diachronic dimensions in addition to in its social contexts as very important resources of perception for a greater knowing of the layout of linguistic platforms and the ecology and evolution of language.

TRENDS IN LINGUISTICS publishes monographs and impressive dissertations in addition to edited volumes, which offer the chance to deal with arguable subject matters from diverse empirical and theoretical viewpoints. top of the range criteria are ensured via nameless reviewing.

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On the basis of this evidence, Uhlenbeck concluded that in these languages the object of transitive verbs and the subject of intransitive verbs are on the same grammatical level and that the transitive conjugation in fact is a passive (1916b:190-191). Uhlenbeck also established a parallel with Basque, where the pronominal element referring to the subject of the intransitive verb is identical to the pronominal element referring to the object of the transitive verb; both pronominal elements are different from the one referring to the subject of transitive verbs.

And failing that, he could not propose that Pre-Indo-European was an active language" (Lehmann 1993:222). It is the recognition of active languages as being a specific type that allows to re-evaluate the features that up to now have been very difficult to account for. In their monumental work Gamkrelidze and Ivanov present their arguments on the basis of which they posit an active language system for PreIndo-European or early Proto-Indo-European. 2; cf. Gamkrelidze and Ivanov 1984: Chapter 5; Lehmann 1993).

Analysis of written documents reveals that there too changes took place over time, such as the gradual shift toward right-branching structures, the increasing use of subordinate clauses instead of participle orAccusativus cum Infinitivo constructions (henceforth ACI-constructions), and so forth. Consequently, Latin texts - even those from the Classical period, with all the precautions necessary - are useful for the analysis of language change. In addition, the well-known difference in Latin between urbanitas and rusticitas is a somewhat different matter; it is found in vocabulary and phonetics rather than in grammar (cf.

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